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Dermaroller Set Beauty Mouse and Roller Cleaner


The skin's elasticity decreases as we get older or due to genetic predisposition. The result is often unsightly "dents" on abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Women in particular often suffer from cellulite. This is sometimes in the genes. Women have more subcutaneous fatty tissue and their collagen fibers in the connective tissue run parallel to each other. This allows the skin to stretch more easily, during pregnancy for example. Congenital connective tissue weakness or high estrogen levels favor the appearance of small dents as well.

Dermaroller Beauty Mouse has been developed specifically for these problem zones. Its tiny microneedles penetrate the top skin layer, thus promotes superficial blood circulation to the skin. The appearance of cellulite can be improved. With its 396 microneedles on three roller heads, Dermaroller Beauty Mouse is especially suited for the treatment of larger skin areas. Its microneedles have a length of just 0.2 millimetres, so the application is virtually painfree.
Depending on the skin's texture, you can feel the effects of using the Dermaroller Beauty Mouse within just a few weeks and see how much smoother and healthier the skin will appear.
Dermaroller Beauty Mouse can be used by the same person multiple times, since the short microneedles only penetrate into the top skin layer without blood contact. Regular and thorough cleansing after each application is mandatory for repeated use. Otherwise, a hygienic application can not be ensured, thus leading to skin irritations or inflammation. Dermaroller has developed Roller Cleaner specifically for this purpose. This is simply sprayed onto the roller head after cleaning.




1. Thoroughly clean the affected skin areas before using the Dermaroller Beauty Mouse to prevent penetration of bacteria into the top skin layer during the treatment. We recommend to use the Dermaroller Skin Cleanser.

2. Move the Beauty Mouse over the skin in starshaped movements with light pressure. In doing so, roll horizontally, vertically and diagonally across the skin to be treated, lifting the Beauty Mouse up each time when changing the direction. The skin on the thighs is particularly sensitive, so this should be treated very carefully and with a longer time interval.

3. After treatment, the skin must be allowed to recover for about 10 to 15 minutes. A suitable care product can be applied thereafter. Dermaroller products from the Hyaluron Series are particularly well suited they supply the skin with concentrated hyaluron.