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Dermaroller CIT Hyal


The CIT Hyal is a concentrated hyaluronic acid gel, which was developed as a lubricant for use with the eDermastamp® LS. Hyaluronic acid is a constituent of the skin that supports the body’s regenerative processes and provides it with moisture. Complexion appears fresher and smoother.

The gel comprises only of water, hyaluronic acid and glycerin, minimising the risk of an allergenic reaction. As a result, CIT Hyal is very dermatologically compatible, even for sensitive skin. There is insufficient clinical data on the safety and effects of introducing it into the skin, and so this is not recommended.



1. Before the application of the CIT Hyal, clean the skin thoroughly of any make-up residue, skin scales and impurities. We recommend the Dermaroller New Natural Line Skin Cleanser for this

2. Thoroughly disinfect the parts of the skin to be treated.

3. Now apply a small quantity of CIT Hyal directly onto the skin and start the microneedling treatment with the eDermastamp® LS.

4. Apply a little CIT Hyal to the skin again as soon as you determine that the needle module is no longer gliding smoothly over the skin areas.

5. At the end of the treatment, simply remove any CIT Hyal residue with a compress.